• Introducing the coolest sunglasses EVER

    As many of you know, being a full time writer is a privilege granted to very few. I'm not one of them. So, to make hands meet, I have other projects such as this one.

    A special and limited edition, exclusively on Kickstarter , that brings Portuguese eyewear brand SKOG Eyewear and Lata 65.

    Hugo Janes, Co-Founder at SKOG eyewear tells us: “At the core of our brand is the belief that if businesses give back to society, we can truly have a better world. So when we came across Lata 65, we immediately wanted to contribute by doing something bigger than a donation. That’s when we decided to make this special edition, giving everyone the chance to own a piece of art!”

    Lata 65 is an initiative for the elderly within the urban art that wants to prove that concepts such as active ageing and intergenerational solidarity make more sense every day. It is presented as a workshop taught in totally relaxed working environments, ideal for learning a variety of intervention techniques used in the streets and working directly with some of the best urban artists today. LATA 65 has already organized 34 workshops, with more than 400 participants from 65 to 102 years old, in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and US, and is always seeking for funding to reach even more people.

    The actual participants of LATA 65’s workshops will paint the Graffiti Grandmas special edition!

    Aren't they just awesome?

    Don't miss the opportunity to have one of a king premium sunglasses, customized by elderly street artists:

    And if you can't buy, please simply share the link and help us make something amazing.
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