• Melissa + Sebastian = LOVE

    A while ago I wrote about the exhibition artist Sebastian Errazuriz made for Arte Basel in Miami entitled "12 Shoes for 12 Lovers". It was a collaboration with shoe brand Melissa in which the artist portrayed his ex-girlfriends in the form of shoes. The exhibit had such success that a very limited edition of the shoes was made and sold exclusively at Melissa's gallery/store in São Paulo, London, and New York.
    At the time I felt envy, I must confess. Envy for those who were able to buy the fabulous and exclusive shoes I could only dream of.
    Until one of these days I was passing by a Melissa store in Lisbon and something very familiar caught my eye. I thought I was dreaming, but no. There they were: a more commercial version of 3 of the 12 shoes. A special edition that anyone can afford. Well, not everyone, because two of the models cost more than 400 euros. But the flat version of "Hot Bitch" is only 75.
    So yes, I bought them. I had the perfect excuse, as I was looking for some red shoes for some while. And now, not only have I a new pair of red shoes but above all, I have a piece of Sebastian's art on my feet. And I'm in love with it!

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