• The new fashion icon

    From time to time, a new fashion icon is born. Not the "it girls" who fashionistas and designers love, but those women who are always stunning no matter the occasion.

    It's not easy to rise to this status, specially in times when all bloggers and magazines are eager to banter the same celebrity they idolized the previous week. During the award season, that goes from the Gotham Awards to the Oscars, all eyes are set on the red carpet waiting for the next fashion disaster. But to Lupita Nyong'o, it seems easy enough.

    The young actress who catched everyone's attention last fall, by the time "12 years a slave" was pointed as one of the Oscars favourites, gives a style lesson in every public appearance she makes. From October till last night, she managed to present herself faultless in every red carpet. Such that she quickly became the star of several fashion editorials (Vogue included) and was chosen to be Miu Miu's new face. And though it is known that every celebrity has a personal stylist, the truth is when it comes to style, whether you have it or you don't. In Lupita's case, style pours beyond the dresses she wears and even with the help from Michaela Erlanger, it's hard to find one occasion when she wasn't simply beautiful.

    With the sweetest smile and chocolate skin, natural talent and sense of style, I believe Lupita is going to become an icon for the next generations. Last night's Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress was just the beginning of an amazing career.

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