• Big Waves, big dreams

    In 2005, Dino Casimiro took this picture, believing it could be one of the biggest waves in the world. Here, in the small village of Nazaré, just 100km from Lisbon, could be the next destiny for big wave lovers. Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara was the only big wave rider contacted by Nazaré who accepted the invitation to come and see for himself the North Canyon phenomenon. He arrived in 2010, starting a project that today is known all over the world: the ZON North Canyon project.

    The project has resulted in three documentaries (one for each year Garrett exceeded Nazaré's waves),  which capture magnificent moments not only for those who like surf, but for everyone who likes a good story of men defying nature. Besides, it allowed Garrett to set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest wave ever surfed.

    This month the project launched a brand new website where the story is told with beautiful images and footage.  I had the honour of writing the copy. A tough job because each picture shown on this website truly is worth a thousand words. Anyway, I hope you like the website and enjoy the ride.

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