• #14: A mother's heart is elastic

    When we have a child, our heart starts growing. It's a fact. It's the only way it can hold such a big, powerful and unconditional love. And it doesn't matter if the child came from your womb or someone else's because a mother doesn't care about such details from the moment a child gets into her heart.

    The funny thing is that as time goes by, a mother feels her heart literally and physically growing. It's a light and sweet pain that usually emerges when we are staring at our baby being cute. It can also emerge in the middle of the night, suddenly waking us up. It's like a knot in the chest, generally followed by a tear or a sob. Sometimes it's frightening because it feels as our heart will explode from such emotion. Those are the times when we believe it finally stopped growing - no one can bear love like this - only to realize a few months later that this incredible machine that keeps us alive, our beautiful heart, is elastic. It's elastic to infinity, until the end of our days, ready to receive endless love. And the more children we have, the more it grows, so that it can hold them and lull them at its own sweet and familiar beat. Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub.

    A mother's heart is elastic: elastic to infinity because her love never ends.

    Pet Cloud ©Maria Imaginário

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