• I won't vote for Trump

    "I won't vote for Trump" is a website where you can share all the reasons why you don't want this man to become president of the United States. It's fun and simple: just write your reason in less than 140 characters, first and last name, choose you state and submit. No emails, no Facebook logins, nothing. You can then share it with your friends and have a good time reading all the other statements of all the intelligent people who won't vote for Donald Trump.

    But there's more: once you submit your thoughts you can FREE DOWNLOAD a pdf copy of my Amazon Top 100 novel "Thirty Something - nothing's how we dreamed it would be". Why? Because it's my way of thanking everyone who can help prevent this man from being president.

    WAIT! Why is a Portuguese author, who lives in Portugal, who only have been in the US for small leisure trips, who doesn't have a single relative living there, so concern about the next American president?

    Well, because the US is one of the most powerful countries of the world, and what happens there reflects in the rest of the planet. So, yes, I'm worried about the outcome of the American elections because whoever becomes President will influence world peace, world's economic stability and the Earth sustainability. So yes, although I can't vote, although it's not my country, I want to prevent a maniac, egocentric, racist, xenophobe, misogynous and extremely rude man from getting in the White House.

    So go ahead, share your thoughts and if you feel like it, download your free copy of my novel. And thank you in advance for not voting for Trump.

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