• A taste of Portugal in DC

    Continuing the Kennedy Center's exploration of international arts, IBERIAN SUITE: global arts remix is a major festival highlighting the many cultures that comprise the Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking peoples—the impact they've had throughout the world, and the vast influences they've embraced from other cultures.

    The festival, curated by Alicia Adams, Vice President of International Programming and Dance, includes dozens of performances by some of the world's best contemporary music, dance, and theater artists, many who are making their U.S. or D.C. debuts. Visual arts are highlighted in exhibitions and installations around the building, and additional events focus on literature, film, cuisine, and more.

    Here's a bit of what you can see from the "Portuguese team":

    Installation “The Stone Raft” by the Portuguese, Pritzker Prize winners, architects Souto Moura and Siza Vieira.
    The installation “The Stone Raft”, made of Portuguese stone, is based on Jose Saramago’s book with the same title and will be in exhibition at the exterior front of the Kennedy Center.

    Installation – Hall of homage to Fernando Pessoa - “A journey of Imagination”
    A real size cork tram, which symbolizes the power of the books and literature in transporting us to journeys of our imagination, basically alluding to Lisbon and Fernando Pessoa as well. The tram conveys Fernado Pessoa’s message, used as Arte Institute’s motto since the beginning, “the man has the size of his dream”. With this installation Arte Institute also intends to show the American public a way of employ a traditional Portuguese material, as cork, but giving it a modern and contemporary usage.
    In that hall, there will be a cork station with panels from the artist Manuela Pimentel who works the idea of Azulejo (painted, tin-glazed tile work) in a contemporary way. The artist also has an installation where we can listen to Fernando Pessoa’s poems and Portuguese popular sayings.

    Installation: So Blue So White--Fashions Centuries in the Making
    This installation relates the fascinating tale of how Portuguese trading ships brought Chinese porcelain to Europe, where it became extraordinarily popular and widely imitated, eventually by manufacturers such as Royal Delft. The international passion for blue-and-white porcelain that began in the 16th century continues to this day, influencing leading fashion designers throughout the world. A selection of their exquisite creations, inspired by blue-and-white porcelain and ceramic tiles, comes together in a dazzling display in the Hall of States. Highlights include two whimsical gowns created by Portugal's Storytailors atelier, both commissioned especially for this festival.

    Free Concerts:
    Rodrigo Leão. António Zambujo. The Gift. Sofia Ribeiro. Luisa Sobral

    The play “Ode Marítima” by Diogo Infante is also part of the program and will be played both in DC and New York.

    But there is so much more!!!

    Full calendar HERE or  download the brochure
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