• There's something about Maria

    I recently found a really inspiring project. It's called Maria Riding Company, was officially born in 2012, and it's nothing more than restoring motorcycles. Well, actually it is more. It's a total transformation of a classic motorcycle into something completely new, truly original, but with a vintage twist. In other words, a work of art.

    But since riding is something you can do off the road, Maria Riding Company also offers the most beautiful surfboards in the world (at least to me). I fact, they are so beautiful that I'm seriously thinking about quitting body boarding and learn how to surf, just to have one of those boards. Then they also make incredibly gorgeous accessories, backpacks and t-shirts. Looking at Maria's pieces makes us dream about a Summer road trip on the East Coast. Or better yet: on the Costa Alentejana.

    It's worth browsing through their website, so aspirational, and dream about that road trip while thinking about the true meaning of the brand's claim:

    Extraordinary Rides for Unconventional People.

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