• Nice year and nice dreams

    Here it is: the year-end review time. The day almost everyone has the urge to go through all major personal events of the year (and even the minor ones). There always is a piece of regret, a bit of self-pity and a certain dose of pride for any achievements.

    There are weddings, births and promotions. There are divorces, mourning and unemployment. All of this happening at the same time, to the same person or family. And then there is also the classic year-end media review that only makes us feel more insignificant before all the outstanding events the world witnessed. What did I do for mankind? How can I complain before the news about Syria? How can I brag before the great achievements of people like Mandela?

    But I can! We all can because we are human. Because we may be lucky enough to live far away from a war zone, but we still carry our own small tragedies. Our achievements may not change the whole world, but they can change someone's world. And mainly because few of us will write our names in History, but we all are part of it, with our little exciting lives, our little inspiring routines and our greatly mundane desires.We shouldn’t feel less worthy just because our good deed of the year was helping an old lady cross the street. Tomorrow we can start over. Or the day after tomorrow. Actually at any point in our life.

    Álvaro de Campos wrote that « the world is for the ones that are born to conquer it and not for the ones that dream they can conquer it, even if they are right.» But what's left if we don't dream?

    Let's then dream 2014 as we please. A year when we can be heroes to someone, geniuses in any activity (even if it's crossword solving!), or when we can just be ourselves, with all our flaws. Some will dream of peace in the world, long health and the cure to cancer. Some will dream of a new car, a lover or a Chanel bag. It doesn't matter how big or how frivolous the dream is for as long as we can choose our own dreams, we will be free. Even in the darkest days. Even in this petty country.

    ©Steve Simpson

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