• 10 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Strange year of Vanessa M.”

    1. I was inspired by a story I read on the news about a mother who left her kids on the sidewalk and drove away. I wanted to explore why would someone do such a thing.

    2. My parents did that to me once when I was 5 (but they just drove for 10 meters). I was making a tantrum and driving everyone crazy. I guess I deserved it.

    3. Like Vanessa, I have a friend who never knows when to shut up. Ever.

    4. Unlike Vanessa, I never lived up to other people's expectations, which gave me the fame of being a snob.

    5. Vanessa’s Boss is a combination of the personality of three hideous bosses I had in the long years I’ve been working in Advertising. Thank you for the inspiration you guys.

    6. The last words Vanessa heard from her father were the last words I heard from my grandfather.

    7. I attended a “life-coaching-kind-of-workshop” to write the chapter where Vanessa goes to one of those classes. 

    8. The book wasn’t supposed to end like it does: the characters forced me to write this ending. I used to think writers made up stuff like that, but it actually happens.

    9. I didn’t place the story in a real city, because I like my readers to have the opportunity to imagine a city of their own.

    10. I had to make a pause when I was writing the book, because I had a baby. But it turned out to be very helpful pause, as everything looked clearer when I restarted writing.

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    ©2013 Filipa Fonseca Silva

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