• Meanwhile, in Turkey

    I have some Turkish friends who recently asked me to share what's happening in their country. Friends who have friends in the hospital due to police violence, which is more unacceptable if you think that the protests began to save a park.Students, families, old people, children, all wanting to prevent the demolishing of their park for the construction of a shipping mall.

    Police violence led to more protests which were ignored by the Turkish Media, but spreads around the country. The Prime Minister says all harm was caused by extremists from the opposition party. But this is the same Prime Minister who is becoming more and more intolerant and tries to pass undemocratic laws such as prohibiting flight attendants to wear red lipstick.

    But even if I didn't have Turkish friends there are things that must be shared. Specially in times like these, when we might be needing someones help to regain our freedom too, and sooner than we think. Freedom of speech, freedom of protest, freedom of choice.

    Please, don't look away.

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