• For a day like any other

    I’ll be happy when people stop celebrating this day.

    In my point of view, the need to dedicate a day to women in the 21st century is both insulting and sad. Insulting because it puts women in the same level as all the undefended, such as children, the starveling, the sick or the trees. Sad because we still have to remind the world that we are far from being equal to men.

    We still earn less and work more, we still are disadvantaged in our careers for having children; we still are the largest group of victims of violence, we still do all the house chores, we still are criticized for wanting a certain type of job and for having any kind of manly behaviour; we still are discriminated for the smallest things.

    Therefore, I can’t celebrate this day. I won’t accept even a flower. For the most I can see it as a tribute to all women who fought for equality through history. And those who are still fighting to make this day a day like any other.

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